How To Choose The Best Social Network For Your Audience

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July 1, 2021
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July 8, 2021
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Not all social media is created equal. Different platforms attract different audiences.

It’s important, especially if your resources are limited, that you’re focusing your social media efforts in places that will generate the most return for your efforts.

There’s no point in spending your time on a particular social network if your audience isn’t there. Nor should you spread yourself too thin by trying to be everywhere at once. Every additional platform your business is active on means additional time and effort required to engage on and create tailored content for that platform.

Try answering the following questions before joining a social media platform to help you decide which one is appropriate for you.

Will this platform help me achieve my marketing goals?

Setting goals to which you can align your social media activity is a good guarantee of online marketing success. If you can’t explain how a particular social channel will help you to achieve your goals, then it may not be the right fit for you.

Is my target audience active on this platform?

The most effective social media strategies are informed by social media data. Refer to Google Analytics for your website to see which social networks are sending the most traffic to your site. Look at existing data to learn where a specific demographic spends their time online.

Will this platform match the content I create?

If you want your content to do well on social media, you’ve got to be strategic about what you publish and where you publish it. You need to create content that aligns with your audience’s expectations on each social channel. Identify how, when, and where your specific audience likes to engage with content. Certain content formats will be more suited to particular channels than others.

Can I integrate this platform with another similar one?

It’s preferable to dominate a few channels than to spread oneself too thin attempting to be present on every social media platform. Certain platforms have a degree of reciprocity — for example, Facebook and Instagram — but the trick is to pick channels that work well together to maximize the effect.

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