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July 8, 2021
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Social media is about building a community, but it’s also about shaping your brand’s voice. Ideally, the content you post on social media should do both, plus create positive brand perceptions that eventually lead to conversions. Without engagement, your posts are wasted time and space. 

Today’s customers and leads are looking to your social media presence for more than just information. They use it to discover who you are and what you stand for. 

And it’s not just the original content you post. It’s whether you respond to questions, how you respond to them, and how fast. 35% of customers prefer to use social media for customer service. And 75% want you to respond within an hour. 

Engaging postings might also help you reach a larger audience. The more users communicate with you, your content will be highlighted on social networking sites. However, you might be asking what makes interaction and how you might make your postings more engaging. Let’s begin by looking at these two areas.

What Is Engagement?

From a broad perspective, engagement means interaction. It’s the equivalent of face-to-face conversations and reactions. Your content and posts are similar to the start of a conversation or a statement. Engagement happens when others join in or respond.

In the social media realm, there are a variety of techniques to assess and track if your postings are engaging. The number of likes, shares, and comments are instances of this. It might include things like how many followers you have and whether or not your list is expanding. Other ways to measure engagement include using hashtags tied to your brand, mentions, and clicks. 

However, you may want to move beyond traditional quantitative measurements. Different platforms can prioritize posts according to what’s called “meaningful engagement.” Facebook, for example, defines meaningful engagement as active and thoughtful interactions that add to people’s overall feelings of well-being.

How Can My Posts Be More Engaging?

The first thing to remember is that engagement is about creating and building relationships. Social media can be a helpful research tool where you can learn about customers and competitors. You can also discover trends, new content ideas, and ways to improve internal processes. 

You may be conversational on social media to increase engagement. Look for ways to engage with others that will add to the purpose and personality of your brand. For instance, is there a topic forum that you can participate in and add to? Or is there one you can start about a related topic that hasn’t been covered yet?

You’ll also want to respond to customers and leads on your pages, including complaints. By answering and responding to these, you can boost your customer advocacy up to 25%. And by responding, you’ll positively influence up to 66% of those in the 18 to 54 demographic.

Sharing other content from outside your company can help raise your brand awareness. Plus, it shows that you’re interested in being a supportive member of a community. Refraining from constantly bragging about your brand can attract interest from others. Sharing well-written posts and articles that are on-topic will keep people interested in your posts.

Interactive posts and content are another way to increase engagement. Think quizzes, polls, and online games where people can have fun and provide feedback. Try out contests and sweepstakes, including free giveaways. Experiment with user-generated content, question and answer sessions, and customer or employee spotlights. 

As you experiment with various types of posts, keep track of what does well and what doesn’t. Analyzing your results can help you discover ways to repurpose content and posts or blog and ebook topics. If you run into a few stumbling blocks, don’t get discouraged. You can always join in on discussions and add value to current events and trends. 

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