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Developing a mobile application is not enough; a later process that needs to follow – especially, apps have become an essential part of life. However, the biggest concern of the marketer is to keep the audience engaged.

It is necessary to keep customers engaged with your app. Customers might get bored with the same feature, so you need to keep the app updated often. According to a survey, if the engagement rate is 92% on the first day, then there are chances on the seventh day- it drops to 31%. Only 7.5% of users show interest in the new app after the first month. It has become a challenge and evident to maintain app engagement and retention.

Following are the ways to engage and retain your mobile app users:

Emphasize On Quality Of The Application

In the mobile app, one glitch is enough to lose users. The developers have to ensure that the app they are providing is bug-free and operates perfectly. Because if the user faces any problem while running the application, they will stop using the app. Hence, the app should provide the best quality. The developer from top app development companies needs to emphasize the quality of the application.

Before launching it to the user, they require to carry out a different type of test- just to make sure that there is no glitch in the app. Also, a specific focus and attention to check how much time it takes to load a single page. The page should not take more than 2 seconds to load; otherwise, it will be considered slow. Therefore, the application should run smoothly and efficiently.

Raise Personalized User Experiences

One of the powerful methods to retain and engage the user is to give a personalized user experience. By providing a personalized user experience, your mobile app will be different from other similar apps and will keep them active. Eventually, it will develop the user’s loyalty towards the mobile application.

They must perform a separate type of test before releasing it to the user, simply to ensure that there are no bugs in the software. A special effort and focus are also required to determine how long it takes to load a single page. It should take no more than 2 seconds for the website to load; else, it will be judged slow. As a result, the program should run quickly and smoothly.

Concentrate On First Time User Experience

Indeed it is essential to keep existing customers retain to your app- but it is also crucial to think about the first-time users. Concentrate on the operating part for the first-time user’s experience. You are required to develop a seamless user experience from the moment the user downloads the app. According to the survey, on average, the app loses 78% of its users in the initial days.

Put guidance tutorials and screen overlays in place for first-time users so they know what they’re getting into and how to utilize the application. It’s especially true with mobile games, which have a lot of intricate instructions for the players to follow.

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